WPC InfoCenter v2 available

WPC InfoCenter v2

WPC InfoCenter v2 available

A new version of our WPC InfoCenter PC software is available here in the store.



WPC InfoCenter v2

Info:  Existing customers will receive an update voucher on their existing license.

If not already received by e-mail, please contact us.

Release Version Mrz.2024
TORIS Online:
TORIS Online Schnittstelle eingefügt.  Informationen dazu finden Sie in der Software und vorab hier.
AK  Außer Konkurrenz eingefügt.
Neue Funktion:
Html-Generator zum Erstellen von Html-Seiten eingefügt.
Gelegentliches Übertragungsproblem in der Maske am Clienten bei einer Server / Client Nutzung behoben.
Bug: Darstellung in der Starterliste:  Aktueller- u. Letzter Teilnehmer aktualisiert.
Frage zum Einstellen des Richtmodus herausgenommen.
Hilfe-System umgebaut.  Jetzt mit F1 aufrufbar.

Your WIEBROCK team

TORIS online

© Copyright

TORIS online

The new show organization and information system of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), TORIS for short, has been online for some time now and is being used more and more as the season gets underway, so we have recently been working on adapting our software packages to the new environment.

© Copyright

The following software packages are affected by this adjustment, which you will soon find in the store with an update:

We now enable data access to both TORIS environments. Still on the “old” TORIS on the local database of the registration office and now also on the new TORIS in the online environment.

What do you need to do this?

1. you need to register with TORIS Online here.

2. you will be assigned an API key with your personal access, with which external programs are given the possibility of access authorization to exchange data. Events, tests and starter lists can thus be read out and times “uploaded” and saved. You can find the API key under My Account in TORIS Online.

3. the tournament organizer, the registration office must assign you to the event via your e-mail address or your online ID so that you can select the event in your environment and work with it. The event administrator determines what you are allowed to do.

4. the necessary program that can carry out the data exchange. Our software now.

Further information on the new TORIS Online can be found here under the tab – Information / FAQs on “TORIS-ONLINE (New)”.

The TORIS Online environment is under constant development. This simply entails such an extensive changeover. Not all functions are available to us right from the start. Please read our information in the help section of our respective software.

You will be informed about changes in the TORIS Online environment here after registration.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zeitmessung WPC-Timing Zeitmess-Bedienpult Funkgesteuert
Zeitmessanlagen für Ihr Event, Funk-Lichtschranke
Zeitmessanlagen für Ihr Event, Funk-Lichtschranke

Start light for Motor and Dog Sports


Start light for Motor and Dog Sports


Newly revised and available for our ZMB control panels as radio or cable variant.

Versatile through various clamping devices from the photo range mountable via the mounting plate at the rear with 1/4″ threaded socket.


Available in 1-way or 2-way as double light.

Red and green luminous signals.

Easily visible in bright sunlight.

Can be controlled from the control panel via the “Signal” button.

Integrated in the latest control panel firmware for motor and dog sports.

Rear mounting plate with 1/4″ tripod thread.

Weatherproof design.


As radio version:

Battery operated via internal lithium-ion battery.

Long operating time up to 32h.

Rechargeable via our standard 8.4V 2A charger.

Separate on / off switch on the back.

Charging socket at the rear.

Radio range up to 350m within visual range.


As cable variant:

Standard with 10m connection cable.

Connection is made at the control panel via “Signal bell” output.

External power supply, depending on customer requirements, either via 12V= battery adapter or 12V= plug-in power supply unit.


Just contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

Your WIEBROCK team

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

2022 is coming to an end. For us, in addition to all the bad news in the world, it has been a very gratifying year in terms of timing equipment. Our best in 17 years of Parcours Control & WPC Timing.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

It pleases and motivates us, spurs us on to become better and better, to offer you the best possible solution.

We were able to implement many things that we had planned. Some have been left undone or delayed unintentionally and again new ideas have been added. Especially in the area of equestrian sports, the new TORIS tournament management will probably require a lot of adjustments for all of us. We are excited about what 2023 will bring and look forward to the challenges ahead.

We wish you and your family, your company or club a merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a happy new year 2023.

From 22.12.2022 to 02.01.2023 our department will be closed. From 03.01.2022 we are again personally available for you.

Warm greetings.


Update available

WPC InfoCenter

Update available

A new update is available for download for our PC software WPC InfoCenter.


WPC InfoCenter

The following changes were made last.


Added in the mask:

-> Popup menu, right mouse button expanded in mask.

Set mask to screen x

Hide and show mask

Improved in Style Jumping:

-> The basic note can now be appended to the final note in brackets for better display on in the result/ranking lists.

Additional selection option in result editing.

[x] Append basic note automatically

-> The final note is now optionally transferred to TORIS or, if the basic note is appended in brackets, the base note + penalty.

Saved to TORIS then takes place there in the lists also a better representation.

-> Added additional ranking by “value score” only, which is now active by default in style jumping.

So that point same competitors with different times on the same rank are placed. The time, if it is displayed, is only pure “cosmetics”.

Jumping test for young horses listed.

-> Added additional option in Judgment under Style Jumping and in Quick Setup under Program Mode.

Ranking list in the mask:

-> The function has an additional selection option under Properties/Result & Ranking Lists.

[x] if activated, show automatically

Here the operator can decide whether the ranking list is to be displayed each time times are saved or whether this should only be done manually by clicking the button.


-> Mode “Dressage together” and “Dressage separately” added.

-> For separate judgement a manual input option created in the result input.

-> H C M & B E can be entered.
The total number of points is calculated automatically.
Pressing the Enter button activates the next field automatically. Up to the button [Apply changes] and [Save result].

-> Manual percentage input option.

-> Automatic value transfer to TORIS for the values H C M & B E.

-> Dressage masks made usable. Local and client.

Message box in the starter list:

-> added some design options.


Server autostart problem fixed.

More information about the previous versions can be found in the history.txt inside the download .ZIP.


Audio Module available

Audio Module Extension for ZMB

Audio Module available

New in the shop, our extension for all ZMB control panels.

Audio Module for ZMB

Intended as a practical extension, for less effort when setting up the time measurement. Simply use your existing PA sound system for the signal gong.

Jury button available

Jury button

Jury button available

Our new radio jury button for our time measurement is now available in the shop.

Jury button RT-101

Completely revised and radio-controlled, our new judge button gives you full access to the time measurement. As a judge, you can always keep your eyes on the rider on the course.

Now much easier to use.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

For us, an eventful year is slowly coming to an end. Despite a few problems with the procurement of materials, we have always been able to turn things around for the better and are now looking forward to 2022 with anticipation.

We wish you and your family, your company or your club a merry Christmas, good health and a happy new year 2022.

Our department will be closed from December 23rd, 2021 to January 4th, 2022. From January 5th, 2022 you can contact us personally again.

Many greetings

Your WIEBROCK team

Update available

WPC InfoCenter

Update available

A new update is available for download for our PC software WPC InfoCenter.


WPC InfoCenter

The following changes were made:

Liveticker windows added.

Pop-up menu in the competitor list expanded.

-> Show masks, Mask 1…6

-> Show the end result.

-> Show / hide ranking list from 1st rank.

Gewonnen hat

via mask 6 of the mask control

Setting options for advertising images expanded.

-> Background color added and individually adjustable.

Starter list

-> Colors can now be set individually.

Language translations expanded.

Small fixes.


Update available


Update available

A new update is available for download for our PC software / Time measurement PARCOURS@PC.



The following changes were made:

Fixed bug in Style and Penalty/Time Jumping with Jump-off or Winning lap.

-> The selected competitors were not correctly carried over to the next round.

Fixed bug in Accumulator Competition.

-> The joker points were not calculated correctly.