Start light for Motor and Dog Sports


Newly revised and available for our ZMB control panels as radio or cable variant.

Versatile through various clamping devices from the photo range mountable via the mounting plate at the rear with 1/4″ threaded socket.


Available in 1-way or 2-way as double light.

Red and green luminous signals.

Easily visible in bright sunlight.

Can be controlled from the control panel via the “Signal” button.

Integrated in the latest control panel firmware for motor and dog sports.

Rear mounting plate with 1/4″ tripod thread.

Weatherproof design.


As radio version:

Battery operated via internal lithium-ion battery.

Long operating time up to 32h.

Rechargeable via our standard 8.4V 2A charger.

Separate on / off switch on the back.

Charging socket at the rear.

Radio range up to 350m within visual range.


As cable variant:

Standard with 10m connection cable.

Connection is made at the control panel via “Signal bell” output.

External power supply, depending on customer requirements, either via 12V= battery adapter or 12V= plug-in power supply unit.


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