TORIS online

The new show organization and information system of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), TORIS for short, has been online for some time now and is being used more and more as the season gets underway, so we have recently been working on adapting our software packages to the new environment.

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The following software packages are affected by this adjustment, which you will soon find in the store with an update:

We now enable data access to both TORIS environments. Still on the “old” TORIS on the local database of the registration office and now also on the new TORIS in the online environment.

What do you need to do this?

1. you need to register with TORIS Online here.

2. you will be assigned an API key with your personal access, with which external programs are given the possibility of access authorization to exchange data. Events, tests and starter lists can thus be read out and times “uploaded” and saved. You can find the API key under My Account in TORIS Online.

3. the tournament organizer, the registration office must assign you to the event via your e-mail address or your online ID so that you can select the event in your environment and work with it. The event administrator determines what you are allowed to do.

4. the necessary program that can carry out the data exchange. Our software now.

Further information on the new TORIS Online can be found here under the tab – Information / FAQs on “TORIS-ONLINE (New)”.

The TORIS Online environment is under constant development. This simply entails such an extensive changeover. Not all functions are available to us right from the start. Please read our information in the help section of our respective software.

You will be informed about changes in the TORIS Online environment here after registration.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zeitmessung WPC-Timing Zeitmess-Bedienpult Funkgesteuert
Zeitmessanlagen für Ihr Event, Funk-Lichtschranke
Zeitmessanlagen für Ihr Event, Funk-Lichtschranke