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Video walls

General information

LED video walls are becoming more and more popular in the outdoor area. Sturdy aluminium supports make the systems resistant to weather and cold, so there is no compromise on performance or function. For most outdoor events we recommend P10 systems with a pixel pitch of 10mm. At a common reading distance from 40. . 50m upwards, the cost-benefit performance factor of the P10 is very good. Thanks to powerful LEDs, these systems deliver excellent images even in bright sunlight, while offering perfect colour contrast and fast refresh rates for live TV.

Thanks to the consistently modular design, our video walls can be easily upgraded to full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels. With the P10 pixel pitch, a display area of up to 208 square meters can be realized.

Layout diagram video wall

The video walls are physically controlled via an RJ45 cable connection with a maximum length of 100m. For longer distances, media converters with fiber optic cable can be used. Image signals are acquired and processed via so-called "sending cards”;. Here a DVI connector is used as a picture signal input. The configuration of the video walls also takes place via the sending cards. You can choose between a Midi desktop computer with a built-in sending card or a stand-alone "sending box”; with DVI input. We also offer complete video processor units with various video input signals.

Full color LED video wall - mobile

Our mobile video walls offer a balance between reading distance, viewing angle, readability in bright, direct sunlight, weight and mobility. Here 3-in-1 SMD3535 Black Body RGB LEDs with a viewing angle of 140° are used.

beginner model - 3,28qm

Our outdoor beginner’s model in the picture, the ANZ420LED – mobile – with a display area of 3. 28 sqm, clearly shows your display options. This size is an ideal introduction to our video wall system, with a very good cost-benefit factor.

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